Hey everyone! I’m selling these Avatar: The Last Airbender Lanyards to all who are interested! I just opened a new Etsy store here to sell them.

Stay in tune for more goodies, including buttons and stickers! Thanks so much!

posted 1週間前 on 9月 11
More updates!

So lately, I’ve been keeping in touch with my host mother through email. Yay! At first, it was a little confusing because she was using a translator, but after a few awkward exchanges of me trying to say “Japanese is okay,” everything went well afterwards. I am currently trying to work up the guts to call them at least once before I go…


posted 1年前 on 6月 10
Host Family Update!

Just a small update, but my host mother sent me an email today! The worst timing though, because I am so bombed with projects and tests but am so distracted by Japan everything is just blurry I AM SO EXCITED urgkljd

Anyhow, I still need to reply (I’m so nervous!), but she told me that when she got my profile, she was surprised to see that I resembled her daughter! LOL maybe we’ll look like real sisters hehehe. Also, they have two small dogs! PERFECT because I have two small dogs too.

I should probably email her about my school situation though, because
1) I want to know how long I’m going to school! aaahh
2) Google maps says it’s roughly an hour commute at a price of 400-740 yen, so I don’t know how that works (it changed when I did it at different times) and that seems kind of expensive for a two way commute everyday, so ):
3) Will I be lent a uniform? And will I be going with my sister?

Ah my emotions are just overflowing what to do

posted 1年前 on 5月 30
Host family & other info

Finally found out where in Japan I’ve been assigned to! WOOOOO I feel GR8
So glad I didn’t find out about this last minute, I would have died from anticipation adsl;kfj


posted 1年前 on 5月 28

Today was was the orientation at HB! It was pretty informative, but (I think, personally) a few hours longer than it REALLY needed to be haha. We just talked about a range of topics, like what not to do, what it means to be in another country with another family, what to do when we run into questionable situations, and the like. Some of it was common sense though LOL

One of the topics was something along the lines of defining boundaries when it comes to personal comfort…We had this role playing thing where we would solve problems for hypothetical situations and it got pretty iintense haha! Some of them seemed pretty unlikely, but interesting nevertheless. You never know…

Still need to think about that packing list and host family gifts, though…

Also 80% of the people there were on scholarship to Japan! LOL Got to meet a good number of them, though :)

There was really nothing to take a picture of, so I didn’t take any pictures…yeah

Anyway, I will probably not update for the rest of this month due to school obligations (sob) but hopefully I will be getting more information about the actual trip and my host family soon ouo

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posted 1年前 on 4月 27
Things I’d like to do

Since today is a lazy day for me (besides some intense studying that I have yet to begin) I decided to compile a list of things I’d like to do in Japan…even if they’re unlikely hehe


posted 1年前 on 4月 27
A very minor update

I got an email today with some info about the upcoming Pre-Departure Orientation. I’m pretty excited haha, but it sucks that it’s right smack in the middle of AP exam period. Maybe it’ll be a stress releaser haha (or maybe it’ll have the opposite effect…)

Anyhow, I’ll be attending the one in HB!
Feel free to message me if you’re going as well! I’d love to meet new peopleee
except I’m a really awkward kiwi (no I am not joking, unlike other people who are social butterflies but insist that they are awkward) so

you’ve been warned

posted 1年前 on 4月 20

Recently my sister’s bf went to Japan, and brought this home to us! It’s a banana flavored cake sweet with banana cream inside…so yummy. AND it’s still super soft and spongy. It’s really unique!

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